Baseball Jock Held Captive and Edged for Hours

November 19, 2013
Cameron Kincade wanted on the baseball team badly. He practiced all day and night. When time came for tryouts, he thought he impressed the coach, especially when Coach Sebastian Keys told him to stick around afterwards. But Coach Keys had other plans. If he wanted to get on the team, he was going to endure the extreme edging that coach had planned for the sexy jock.

Once he entered the locker room, Coach Keys started to get rough and pin him down. Poor Cameron didn’t know what was going on. He tried to resist, but he was told that if he wanted in, then he had to stop fighting. So he did. Coach Keys tied him up to the lockers with rope and began to fondle the boy. He slide his hand down the tight baseball pants and grabbed the boys cock. Cameron couldn’t help but get hard. This signaled Sebastian to keep going. He removed the pants and Cameron was there just in his jock. That’s how Coach Keys liked his boys and took advantage of the glorious bulge that was behind that jock. 

For hours, Cameron was bound, gagged, and had his cock brought to the edge of orgasm over and over. He was begging for the coach to let him cum, but no such luck. This was his initiation and coach was going to enjoy it. He loved tormenting his hot jock boys, tying them up, having their cocks at his mercy. He would shove toys in their hole, bust out his favorite vibrator, and just plain jerk his boys without mercy – edging hot jock boys until their dicks couldn’t take anymore.

Coach Sebastian Keys finally allowed Cameron Kincade that sweet release after hours of torment and he blew a massive load. Coach was happy with his new player and glad to have such a strapping piece of jock meat to play with today and many more times down the road. Watch Cameron Kincade get his cock edged for hours on Men On Edge

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