Sex in Jockstraps, Knee Pads, and Bowler Hats

August 13, 2013

Marc Dylan and D.O.

Sexy, buff bodied hunk Marc Dylan looks fetching in his black shoes, socks, hat, and orange knee pads and jockstrap. I love the garter holding up the dress socks too. In this scene from Raging Stallion film Cockwork. DO starts by burying his face into Marc’s delicious, round bubble butt before making him choke on that big fucking dick!

DO takes off his orange jockstrap and starts fucking Marc silly. He slams his big fuck stick deep into the power bottoms insatiable hole. Marc can hardly get enough and begs for more between moans and groans. Taking dick is like breathing to him and if his jockstrap-framed ass isn’t filled, he’ll surely die!

DO pulls out and blasts his load over Marc’s built body. Marc mixes his cum with it and gets the jockstrap dirty and stained with cum – just how they should be. Now wear it home like that you fucking cock slut! Check out Raging Stallion for more of this and watch the trailer.

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