Fucked in Jockstrap by Suited Stud

August 10, 2013

Scott Hunter and Jessy Ares

Nothing like a musky locker room full of naked men to really get a guy going. Walking in there after his workout always puts Scott Hunter in a frisky mood. Of course, an insatiable bottom like him is always in the mood. Especially when he spots a hot piece of fresh meat like Jessy Ares toweling off to start this from Men At Play

Scott eyes Jessy’s cock as Jessy dries off and puts his suit back on. Scott doesn’t even start changing because he’s so busy staring. Jessy is well aware and is sure to make his cock the last thing that goes into his suit. He senses the disappointment in Scott’s eyes. No one’s around, and he has some time before he has to be anywhere so Jessy motions for Scott to come drop to his knees and worship the suited studs cock.
Scott strips down to his jock so that Jessy can rim his ass and get him ready for what’s to come. Scott’s ass practically lubes itself, so it’s not long before Jessy throws on some protection and starts sliding into his locker room stud. Jessy’s been so busy with work that he forgot how good a tight bum felt. All those files piling up and board meetings he was attending left no time for his balls to be drained.

Scott was bent over a bench in nothing but his jockstrap, taking a strangers cock in his ass. This was nothing new to him. It was his place in the world. The fact that Jessy kept his suit on for the fuck was both a little humiliating and very hot! Scott was this man’s bitch. A hole for him to use in between the gym and work. Scott wasn’t even worth the effort of taking off his jacket.

When Scott got on his back, that’s what he jerked off thinking about – how how this humiliation was, and he blew all over himself. Jessy finished off and dumped his load onto Scott’s sexy body. He zipped up and left Scott to lay there in jizz. Not even a thanks. What a hot scene from Men at Play.

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