Wrestler Wrangled Up

August 9, 2013

Doug Acre Tied by Coach Alexander Garrett

Doug Acre just wanted to practice his wrestling so he could make state champion for his college. He didn’t know that his coach had other plans for him. Plans that included his legs being tied up and spread apart. Now he’s pinned to the mat and exposed on Bound Jocks.

“Try this new singlet on,” coach said more of a command than a suggestion. It would help. Doug wasn’t sure how or if he even wanted to put it on. Coach managed to coax him. It wasn’t much of a singlet. It didn’t cover his ass and was cut below his navel, how would this help? Alexander decided to show him. They got out onto the mat and began to practice. Coach got Doug into a sleeper hold and the young jock was soon out cold. Coach smiled.

When Doug came to, his wrists were tied to his ankles, and they were spread wide and up. He wasn’t in the gym anymore. He was somewhere new. He panicked and struggled against the restraints. From somewhere in the room he heard laughter. He turned his head to see coach there, watching him.

Coach Garrett approached and leaned in near Doug. “I told you the singlet would help,” he said. “Help me.” He grinned devilishly as he straddled the mat and positioned himself between Doug’s legs. His hard cock aimed at Doug’s smooth, sexy hole. Doug smiled, he’d been dreaming about this for so long. All Alexander had to do was ask, but it was hotter being a Bound Jock.

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