JR Bronson Can’t Stop Playing With His Ass

August 8, 2013
JR Bronson is home all alone and in his jockstrap. He loves to wear it around the house when his roommates are gone. It feels so good against his skin and when he sits on the furniture. There’s nothing like a relaxing day alone when you can just lay around and take care of yourself for Colt Studios.

He leans up against the window and starts playing with his ass. He looks out across the open landscape outside – not a person for miles. But someone could be out there, hiding behind the trees. His had slid deeper into his hole thinking about it – thinking that some stranger might be watching him; enjoying the show he was putting on. One finger becomes two, which becomes a dildo.

JR imagined that handsome stranger would show up at his door and help fill his hole. The stranger would grab the waist band of his jock and hold on as he slammed JR hard. JR sets up his toy so he can ride it – thinking of riding that stranger. A big body pressed against him, holding him, penetrating him. It’s too much for JR and he finally explodes all over the room. Better clean up before the roomies get home on Colt Studios.

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