Football Fuckdown – Being the Team’s Bitch

August 7, 2013

Johnny Rapid Joins the Football Team

Johnny Rapid isn’t your typical football jock. He’s scrawny and throws like a girl. But Coach Colby Jansen sees something in him that will make him a star on the team. Ryan Rockford isn’t too sure and not happy about a pip squeak like Johnny being on the varsity team. He’s about to find out just what’s so special about him. Will the Big Dicks at School let Johnny stay on the team?

Grrr, get off my team Tiny Tim.
Johnny’s talent and contribution to the team is his fine, smooth ass. Coach makes him turn around and drop his pants to show Ryan exactly what he means. Johnny’s their outlet for sexual tension and will make sure all the boys are satisfied. Ryan still isn’t convinced, so Coach Colby orders Johnny to give Ryan a demonstration of his oral skills. 

Johnny is down on his knees and soon has his mouth stuffed with two jock cocks. The aroma of those musky athlete balls fills his nostrils as he expertly sucks each cock. Ryan’s beginning to like having Johnny around. The football uniforms come off, and Johnny spreads his cheeks so the coach can pound his ass.

They fill Johnny with dick from both ends – spit-roasting their new team cunt and breaking him in. Games will never be the same. Post-game locker room fun will definitely help in times of loss and be a celebration for any win. Football players can take out any aggression on Johnny by rough fucking his ass. They’ll all agree that Coach Colby Jansen made the right move in adding Johnny Rapid to the team on Men site Big Dicks at School

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