Bound Jock Hunk Gets His Hole Played With

August 7, 2013
Who’s this hot stud with his ba-dunk-a-dunk hanging out of a jockstrap? It’s JR Bronson, and he’s in for a good time tonight!

He’s tied up, gagged and his smooth ass looks so good and fuckable with that jockstrap adding to the temptation. His legs spread wide and bound up. Sexy blue socks covering him from toe to knee. Adam Champ is going to take advantage of this Bound Jock

It starts with a big of arm pit sniffing. Coach Champ is really ripe and it drives JR insane. His cock bulge pushing tight against his jockstrap pouch. He strains against his restraints – horny as fuck for more attention and satisfaction. He cries muffled by his gag. He’s dying to lick those pits. The Champ has other things in mind though. 

Adam lubes up a mega dildo and works it into JR’s insatiable rectum. He wants to reach for his dick so badly, but he’s not allowed. Adam is in charge, and Bronson is his bitch on Bound Jocks.

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