Connor Maguire Creams on Axel Flint’s Ass

July 7, 2013
Connor Maguire finds a helpless young stud tied up in his jockstrap on Bound Jocks.

What else is a hot jock like Connor Maguire to do when Axel Flint’s sweet ass is exposed like that and there’s no where for the boy to go? With his cock straining in his jockstrap pouch, Connor pulls it aside and commands Axel to get to work.

The young boy in the Nasty Pig gear complies, giving Connor a hot blow job. Connor wants that sweet boy-hole, so he starts darting in his tongue into it. He works his tongue all around that hole to get it nice and wet for the plowing his big cock is about to embark upon.

After mercilessly pounding that hot jockstrapped ass, Connor pulls out and dumps his load all over Axel Flint’s ass. Then he leaves the boy for the next jock to come and use him. Check out the hot scene at Bound Jocks and get 50% off 4th of July weekend.

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