Leather and Jockstraps Studs

May 3, 2013
Jean Franco and Lucio Saints in jockstraps on Alpha Males.

Trojan still has some stuff to shift in the office, his boys have all been busy elsewhere and work at the headquarters has been slow. But visiting tool men Lucio Saints and Jean Franko are at hand so Trojan sends them to get rid of all that trash. Jean Franko wants to claim the sofa but Lucio is fast to pull him back on track and starts passing him the boxes and bags. Then one box falls on the floor and a good part of Trojan’s personal toys is displayed at their feet. Lucio picks up a harness and, after stripping to their jocks, Jean Franko helps him do it up. 

Black leather looks amazing on Lucio’s smooth, muscular body. Jean chooses a much simpler cock ring, but when you are Jean Franko that’s all you need. Lucio returns the favor and handles Jean’s lunchbox with gusto, and, while he’s there, extends the fondling to that masculine ass. They take turns sucking each other off but Lucio soon develops a taste for his hunky friend’s ass. Who wouldn’t? 

He bends him over and starts working that hairy hole with tongue, fingers and some beads, which are soon replaced by Lucio’s massive cock. He wants to sit on it and it takes some time for Jean to be able to slide over that meat totem but he finally succeeds and his nearly virgin ass gets a royal fucking and a royal wetting when Lucio squirts an enormous amount of cum over Jean Franko’s. South American dream.

See Lucio Saints fuck Jean Franko on Alpha Males.

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