Straight Soccer Player Bound in Locker Room

April 29, 2013
Gagged and bound to a stool is not how this straight soccer stud pictured himself after the game. He was told that a reporter wanted to interview him for a special piece in the magazine, and he should stay in his soccer kit for photos after. The locker room was cleared and he sat waiting for the reporter. He waited on the bench for what seemed like forever. Sebastian figured it was all a waste of time. He stood up and as mid-way through lifting off his shirt, that’s when the fat hand shoved the gag into his mouth, and this straight man was in trouble!

His arms were caught up in shirt. There wasn’t much he could do about the sausage fingers holding him down. He smelled the large man’s pit stains and struggled against the abnormally strong man. It was no use. He was put over the stool and the weight of the fat man on top of him nearly crushed him. Too weak to fight back, his hands were suddenly tied up. 

There was nothing he could do as fat, masked man started to paddle his ass. He tried to scream through the gag, but everyone had already gone. His muscles flexed and strained as he tried to escape the rope bondage keeping him tied to the chair. Every swat of the paddle made his ass burn more and more. He was in for more hurt when his soccer shorts were yanked off and his underwear ripped to expose his ass. All he really had on was a gag and his soccer socks

Jordan’s ass began to turn a bright pink as each swat produced a sting on his bum. The paddle was replaced with a flogger and then just a hand. The plump man just laughed behind his mask. The soccer boy had no idea why this was happening or who the guy even was. His captor was just obsessed with his glutes. He spanked and caressed them for what seemed like hours. He molested his way down Jordan’s legs, then finally left. Jordan was humiliated the next day when his teammates found him. He tried to laugh it off and say it was a crazy fan girl he hooked up with. He’ll never tell them some sick, tubby old man got the jump on him and did things to his body. No one will know he was one of the Straight Men in Trouble.

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