Nosey Jock Johnny Lawless Bound and Gagged by Coach

April 26, 2013
Johnny Lawless was poking his nose where it didn’t belong. He found out that the couch had been training some of the players in more than just sports. Coach was instructing one of the boys in how to service cock! Johnny threatened to tell the Dean, and coach wasn’t about to let that happen. Johnny could only feel the rag covered hand press against his face, then the strong scent of chloroform before passing out.

Johnny woke up to find himself hogtied and gagged in his jockstrap and sexy blue knee socks. He didn’t know where he was or why his clothes had been removed, but then he remembered what Coach did. It all made sense now. Coach must’ve taken him somewhere, but now he had to get free. Johnny started to struggle against his restraints, but they were too tight. Without consciously thinking about, Johnny’s cock started to grow. Was he really being turned on by his predicament?

He was, indeed, getting horny. His dick pushed against his jockstrap pouch and pushed into the floor. He started to spread his cheeks and play with his hole. He was more intent on getting free so he could stroke his shaft.

The blond jock stud found a way to slide his hand around so that when he got on his back he could finally reach his rod. On his back, like a turtle, with his legs spread wide and his ass framed nicely by the jockstrap, Johnny Lawless played with his pole.

His intensity began to build as he massaged his meat. He finally was able to get a hand free so he could firmly work it. His pumping and struggling on the floor didn’t go unnoticed, however. Johnny wasn’t the only one jerking off. He didn’t realize that what he was wearing and doing was Coach’s wet dream cum true. He kicked back in his chair, watching Johnny on the monitor with his cock in his hand. When Johnny shot a load all over himself, Coach joined in. He loved having bound jocks at his mercy. 

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