Scott Hunter Gets His Ass Pounded in a Jockstrap

April 12, 2013

Spencer Reed and Scott Hunter

The work day can be rough. Being locked in a hot room with another hunk can be very distracting. Spencer Reed couldn’t stop staring at Scott Hunter’s ass, while he sipped on his tea. His beautiful butt stood out perfectly against those work pants. It drove Spencer crazy. The macho stud knew what he wanted, and he was going to get it!

Spencer goes up to the British bottom hunk, pulls him up by the collar, and pulls him in tight. Scott is no match for Spencer, but would never resist anyway. He likes a strong man taking charge. Scott’s lips are pressed against Spencer’s and their tongues dance between mouths. Scott loved it even more when Spencer Reed gently forced him to his knees. He thought he was going to taste that delicious dick, but Spencer’s in charge.

Spencer wanted a taste of that uncut, UK cock that Scott had tucked away behind the pouch of his red jockstrap. Spencer freed the foreskinned frankfurter and wrapped his lips around it. The cock was on a one-way street towards the back of Spencer’s throat.

Soon enough, Spencer got Scott down on his knees, where he belonged, and Spencer’s cock disappeared. Scott hungrily devoured that thick tool. His mouth covered it and his tongue tasted every precious inch. Scott Hunter is near Heaven sucking huge dicks. The real Heaven is when he’s bent over, spreading his ass cheeks apart, and getting slam fucked in his tight ass while in his jockstrap

That would make Spencer his god. The hunky workman keeps his boots on while he makes Scott moan in ecstasy. After taking him in a few different positions, Spencer showed his sensitive side. He lay with Scott on the floor, his arms around Scott, and kissing him passionately as he split the boys ass apart in the best way possible on Alpha Males.

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