Bryan Cole Used by Locker Room Jocks

April 9, 2013
Bryan Cole is trying to change in the locker room after a tough loss. His team just isn’t any good, but there’s nothing he can really do about it. He sits, contemplating what to do, when Brady Jansen and Campbell Stevens, two hot jocks from the other team, enter his locker room and start giving him a rough time. 

At first, the boys make fun of Bryan and his team for having the most losses of any team that season. He tries to get them to leave, but they continue to taunt him and start to get physical with him. He’s defenseless, but he can’t help being turned on and eyeing their package. Once Brady and Campbell notice, they decide to take advantage of the situation. 

Bryan tries to protest, but they  know he’s gay. The boys cocks come out to play, and Bryan decides to go with it. They know he wants it. He knows he wants it. Might as well go for it. An opportunity for a locker room jock fucking doesn’t come around all that often. They hold him down and fill his mouth with their meaty muscle man dick. He doesn’t fight it. They strip off their football gear and get Bryan down to his jockstrap. 

Campbell loves the feel of Bryan’s mouth, but is eager to get a piece of that ass. While Bryan is servicing Brady, Campbell lifts the athlete’s legs in the air and starts pushing his cock in. Campbell has a beautiful jock bubble butt, but, unfortunately, he’s not wearing a strap.

The two jocks take turns using Bryan’s mouth and ass – filling him balls deep with cock. Bryan is in heaven since he’s a little cock slut. His jockstrap-framed ass loves being plowed as he contracts his sphincter to please the pricks that penetrate him. In the end, that’s enough to get these athletic studs to bust their loads all over Bryan in this scene from Next Door Buddies

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