Adam Killian Pounds Aitor Crash

April 8, 2013
Tattooed bad boy, Adam Killian, was taking a nap in this rad room with his ass pointed high in the sky and his jockstrap in full view. Having left a bunch of annoying twinks down in the lobby, Aitor goes up to join Adam. When he spots that delicious bubble ass, he wakes Adam with a rim job that shows he’s no slouch when it comes to ass worshiping. 

Adam is soon up and ready to play. The two muscle studded Alpha Males, can’t keep their hands off of each other. These two like men, and not boys – men who they can be rough and rugged with. Men with hair, sweat, and testosterone

After getting a taste of each others’ holes, Adam tackles the other side of Aitor’s hot, hairy body. He starts to devour the dick, showing his eagerness and taking it down. Aitor gives that mouth hole a good fucking too. They flip, and Adam’s jockstrap pouch is pulled to the side as his boner hits the back of Aitor’s throat. 

Unfortunately, when it comes time to fuck, the Alpha Males lose their jockstraps. It was hot watching them make out and suck in them. Aitor gets onto all fours signaling that he wants Adam’s arrow to aim at his ass. The sex is hardcore as Adam pounds Aitor’s ass hard. Their hard muscles bodies glisten with sweat as balls slap against booty. They unleash a flood of jizz before they lay next to each other, spent. 

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