Jake Genesis and Jimmy Roman in Jockstraps

December 26, 2012
Sexy porn newcomer, Jake Genesis shows off his jockstrap-framed ass in this video from Cocksure Men where he fucks Jimmy Roman. They start out with a hot make-out session in their tight little jocks. I love watching guys in jockstraps kiss deeply and for a long time. Jimmy starts kissing his way down until he pulls out little Jake.

Little Jake isn’t that little. Jimmy gets down on his knees and starts working Jake’s beautiful cock. The tattooed, blond hunk uses strong words of encouragement to get the boy to go deep on the cock.  He’s a good little boy and knows how to work his mouth. Jake lays him on the bed and kisses him as he runs his hands over the sexy boys body. He pins Jimmy’s hands above his head and licks his pits. Jake pulls back the pouch of the white jockstrap and proceeds to orally service the uncut piece of meat that Jimmy had tucked away.

Jake flips Jimmy’s legs over his head and dives tongue first into that hungry hole. He goes back to deep throating Jimmy’s hooded wonder. Jake sucks and worships Jimmy’s toes before stripping off the jocks and loosening up that hole again so Jimmy can be impaled on Jake’s love-stick!

It’s too bad that they take their jockstraps off, but Jake really fucks Jimmy good! That thick dick rips open that boy hole and takes ownership of it. Jimmy loves it and begs for his ass to be fucked by that thick cock. After a few different positions, Jimmy pumps out a load. Jake licks him clean and shares the fluids in some kisses. Jake dumps out his sauce onto Jimmy and the process repeats to conclude this hot jockstrap scene from Cocksure Men.

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