A Jockstrapped Massage Leads to Sex

November 19, 2012
George Glass has had a long and stressful week and his muscles are sore. He needs a nice relaxing massage so he calls up Caleb Colton on Dirty Tony. George lays on his stomach, and Caleb straddles his ass and starts to rub those tired muscles. George’s ass needs rubbing too. He was smart enough to wear a jockstrap, turning Caleb on. He rubs George’s glutes and can’t keep from diving his tongue deep into that hole. 

George enjoys the hot rim job, but wants more. He turns over and his cock his peeking out of the jockstrap that’s barely holding it down. This is an invitation that Caleb can’t turn down. He pulls out George’s junk and swallows it down his throat. After sucking down George’s dick, Caleb throws George’s legs up and wants to massage his prostate. 

The two start fucking away and George gets pounded in his jockstrap. First he’s on his back, then Caleb gets him on all fours where he can grab the jock waistband like reigns and rock in and out of George. The tattooed studs fuck and spray each other in cum on Dirty Tony

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