JR Bronson Searches for Dirty Jockstraps

November 5, 2012

JR Bronson is a dirty little pig boy. He’s online chatting to Landon Conrad and mentions that he’s looking for what he’s always looking for – a dirty jockstrap to sniff and suck on. He’s into sweat, smelly feet, and domination! He’s about to get all that he’s asked for in t his scene from Drill My Hole.

After making the appropriate arrangements, they two horny jocks meet at Landon’s place after he’s gone to the gym and full of sweat and stank. JR immediately starts licking and kissing Landon’s ripe body. He works his tongue over those rank arm pits and licks Landon’s bulge through the shorts before getting his mouth on the jockstrap. Not long after, JR is worshiping that musky cock.

JR licks Landon’s balls clean, bathing every sweaty inch of Landon’s hot, muscular body with his saliva. He hungrily devours that cock and has his face stuffed with Landon’s dirty tank top. That mouth brings Landon close to orgasm, as evidenced by his moaning and writhing, so he bends JR over and dives head first into that jockstrapped ass. 

Landon gives JR his shoe to lick and sniff as his ass gets worked over. Once it blooms like a flower, Landon slides his cock in. The two both fuck in their white jockstraps. Landon shoves his sweaty sock in JR’s face and wraps it around his head as he drills deep into his trick. When Landon gets the limber boy up against the wall, his jockstrap fills that mouth next. 

Landon continues to jockstrapped assault with JR on his back. He forces his dirty jockstrap into JR’s face and he inhales the musky man odor. When he’s about to shoot, Landon dumps all over his jock and JR’s face. This is one of the hottest jockstrap fuck scenes and really highlights the fun things you could and should be doing with one. Check out Landon Conrad and JR Bronson’s hot jockstrap fucking on Drill My Hole from Men.com

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