Dirk Caber Punishes Player Dean Monroe

November 2, 2012
After he caused the team to lose the game last week, Coach Dirk Caber warned Dean Monroe that there would be consequences if he didn’t step up his game. Well, Dean fucked up again and coach knew it was time to teach him that lesson. After the game, Dean was told to stick around. Once the locker room was empty, Dirk ripped into Dean and stripped him of his uniform. Dean tried to fight off his coach, but Dirk was too strong. He grabbed Dean from behind and tied him up, dragging him to a weight bench in nothing but his jockstrap on Bound Jocks

Dirk played with the boys nipples and gave them good, hard squeezes to show him who was in charge. That was before he took the British hunks cock in his mouth. Just because Dean was being punished didn’t mean Coach Caber had to punish himself by not sucking that gorgeous dick. It was more of a punishment when Dean’s ankles were tied to a spreader bar over his head, his arms  were bound underneath the bench, and coach started invading his ass with his fingers. 

Coach kept his white jockstrap on as he plunged his cock into Dean’s ass next. Dean wondered if he was getting punished or rewarded? He knew this was what happened to boys on the college team fucked up. He was horrible at sports, but this was what he joined for. With every thrust of his coach’s cock, Dean was happy with his decision.

When Dirk Caber pulled out of his athlete Dean Monroe’s ass, he dumped his load all over the boys torso. Dean wasn’t allowed to lick it up or shoot his load. I guess that’s the punishment you get from Coach Dirk Caber on Bound Jocks
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