Bodybuilding Jockstrap Hunk Dan Darlington

October 7, 2012
Dan Darlington is a fucking hot piece of ass! This body building stud shows off his body and his jockstrap-framed ass on Randy Blue before stripping down and jerking off his big cock. He’s got dark blond hair and some sexy scruff going on. His arms are massive and his legs are like tree trunks. There’s a chart behind him indicating all the muscles of the human body, can you name all the ones that bulge off of this bisexual stud? It’s only fitting that he jerks off in the gym and dumps his load all over the floor. Dibs on licking it up!

Mmmm, look at those gorgeous glutes with that sexy jockstrap tightly wrapped around it. 

Check out Dan Darlington’s ass in a jockstrap on Randy Blue!

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