Derek Parker Pounded in his Jockstrap by Adam Champ

October 5, 2012
Derek Parker and Adam Champ meet in a hot lip-lock that only two aggressive, hairy studs can share. Derek is wearing a hard hat and tool belt, while Adam sports a leather jacket and jeans when they meet. They’re soon stripped free of the cumbersome clothing and wearing just boots and a smile, and Derek wears his white jockstrap on Raging Stallion.

Derek drops on to his knees and swallows the hairy beasts hot, juicy prick. The tattooed stud, Derek, has his face straddled by Adam and suffocated by the hunk’s sweaty balls. He laps them up as he’s tea bagged, and can’t get enough of their musky scent and salty taste. Derek is begging to get fucked, and Adam is ready to shove his cock deep into him. 

Adam throws Derek’s legs apart and works that cock into that jockstrap framed ass. Derek just begs for it harder and harder, and Adam rams his gut-stretcher furiously in and out. Derek rolls onto all fours for some doggy-style action. Their hard bodies press against each other and Derek moans as his ass is slammed hard.

Adam Champ fucks Derek Parker in his jockstrap and boots in this hot scene from Raging Stallion. The tattooed stud is pounded by the hairy hunk until both boys let loose with hot spurts of spunk all over Derek’s body. 

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