Blake Daniels Ties Up a Jockstrapped Dominic Pacifico

October 1, 2012

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Blake Daniels, the sexy stud in the singlet, gets his hands on Dominic Pacifico this week on Bound Jocks. Dominic is looking very cute with his new buzzed head paired with the always bearded face. His body looks hot in that orange football jockstrap framing is Latin buns. Blake gets the famous DJ Pornstar on the cold, steel table, and ties his ass down.

Once he has Dominic strapped down, he gags his pretty mouth. Blake likes the fact that Dominic is wearing a jockstrap as much as we do. He starts playing with that sweet pucker hole – spanking, rubbing, and licking it. He flicks his tongue in and out and gets Dominic nice and wet and loose. Once that’s done, he begins working a finger into that Latino gay porn star’s asshole. 

Blake has a whole assortment of toys on the shelf underneath his bound victim. Dominic’s legs are spread wide and bound to the ceiling. He lubes up Dominic’s delicious hole and fills it with a butt plug. Blake spanks his jockstrap-framed ass to show him who’s in charge. 
Having Dominic Pacifico under his control and looking so sexy all tied up, has Blake’s cock bulging in that tight singlet. He lowers it enough for his hard cock to be freed and straddles Dominic’s mouth. His hungry mouth engulfs Blake’s meat.

Blake wants to play with Dominic’s ass some more. He removes the plug and hopes the ass is ready for a huge, black dildo! If it’s not, it better get ready because the giant toy starts stretching out the boy hole. Dominic loves the penetration and moans as Blake shoves it in and pulls it out. 

Once Blake is done wrecking Dominic’s hole, he plugs it back up. Blake gives Dominic a deep kiss and is about to hit the showers. Dominic begs him not to leave, but he’ll be back. He gags the boy and Blake Daniels leaves Dominic Pacifico bound to the table in his jockstrap on Bound Jocks. Save 50% on memberships Oct 5 – 8, 2012!

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