Get Fucked in Your Wrestling Singlet Jock

September 24, 2012
Wow, so fucking hot! What’s better than an ass-less singlet, especially for a wrestling lover? Cellblock 13 has created another awesome piece of clothing for the dirty jock boy. Imagine rolling around with some hot, muscle stud wearing this thing, and once you’re pinned down there’s no need to take it off. You’re ass is fully exposed already, up in the air, waiting for that stud to slide his cock deep within you.

The nylon/spandex singlet will feel just as good against your body as it looks. Your ass hangs out and feels the cool breeze blowing against it. You don’t even have to wrestle while wearing it. You could just be a bound jock and let the dominant top have his way. Your legs tied and spread wide, asshole completely exposed and vulnerable. How hot would that be?

You could even show this baby off in the locker room. Imagine the look of surprise on the guys’ faces as you strut around looking for a different type of wrestling match. Cruising at the gym will be a whole lot easier. And a helluva lot more fun!

Get your own in blue, black, red, or all three at Jockstrap Central. And leave me a comment telling me about the fun that you had in yours! 😉

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