College Boy Jockstrap Fuck

September 12, 2012
After a little game of tag football, Ashton and Dawson are the last college jocks in the locker room. With the rest of their friends gone, Dawson can’t help but flirt with Ashton. The game was rough, so Dawson provides Ashton with one of his famous foot rubs. It’s amazing, and Ashton loves it. What’s even better is when his toes start disappearing into Dawson’s mouth. Ashton’s cock starts to respond. Ashton takes off his tank top, and Dawson starts kissing his chest. Soon, their tongues are deep inside each other’s mouths and they are stripping down to their jockstraps on Corbin Fisher.

They make out as they lay on the bench, their jockstrap pouches grinding into each other. Dawson pulls Ashton’s jock to the side and slides his lips over the college hunk’s cock. Ashton kicks back and enjoys the blow job his friend gives him. Dawson continues to show Ashton what a talented tongue he has by throwing the boy’s legs up and running it across that tight pucker hole. 

Ashton decides to show Dawson that his mouth is good for more than just kissing. He’s good at sucking dick, but he’s even better at fucking ass! So Dawson bends over and Ashton tosses his football deep into the end zone. It’s a dangerous game as they play without protection. Ashton’s raw cock forces its way into Dawson’s tight end. Dawson flips onto his back so Ashton can spread his legs wide and invade deeper and harder.

Dawson straddles Ashton, lowering his jockstrap framed hole. He rides that raw cock, bouncing up and down. He can feel it hit his prostate and the juices building. Their feverish fucking starts to build to a crescendo and Dawson unleashes his load with Ashton buried deep within him.

Dawson really wants Ashton’s load somewhere in his body. He climbs off the cock and drops to his knees. He gives Ashton a few sucks and strokes to help him blast out his sticky man-cream. It hits him in the face and mouth, where he gets a good taste of his friend after their locker room jockstrap fuck on Corbin Fisher

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