Tattooed Hairy Daddies in Jockstraps

September 10, 2012
If you like beefy, hairy daddies with tattoos decorating their solid frames, then Butch Dixon is where to find them. And this week, they are fucking in jockstraps – which I know you love as much as I do if you are here…Wait, are you hear? Someone say something? I’d like to hear your comments, opinions, insights, snarky-bitch remarks, etc. 

If you’re like me, you probably think Pete Finland is sexier. He’s the slightly younger looking blond stud. Tom Colt is the daddy with the uncut dick, sniffing his own jock above. The two go at it with animalistic passion. The way real men are prone to do. They like it rough with pit licking and nipple twisting. Pete drops to his knees to ingest the older daddies man-tool. First he licks and sniffs the pouch – taking the dick into his mouth with the cotton covering. 

Pete flips Tom around and shoves his tongue deep into that jock-strapped ass! His saliva wetting the hole and causing the hair around it to be matted down. Ripe, sweaty man-ass fills his taste buds, and he loves it. After getting Tom’s dick nice and wet again, it’s Pete who gets bent over like a bitch and fucked doggy style in his jockstrap. 

The two hairy daddies fuck, both of them in their jockstraps. Pete Finland loves getting his hole filled by Tom Colt’s uncut cock. That sexy sausage pounds away at him until he’s a helpless piece of ground meat. The bearded boys kiss, as Tom fill’s Pete’s pussy missionary style. It’s a rough, hard fuck with Pete crying out for more and more cock on Butch Dixon.

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