Jocks In Detention Fuck to Pass the Time

September 2, 2012

Andrew Blue and Kody Valentine Fuck in Jockstraps

We all know that jocks aren’t the smartest people in the world, thankfully they’re usually pretty to look at. Andrew Blue and Kody Valentine are Hot Jocks with Nice Cocks that have failed their English and Math tests, respectively, causing them to be suspended from their soccer game and sent to detention. They agree to help each other in the subject they’re struggling in. Then Andrew shows he isn’t a complete idiot and comes up with a way for them to help each other pass the time. He shows Kody how by kissing him.

Andrew kisses his way down Kody’s firm body and buries his head in his crotch. He kisses and licks Kody’s abs and slides down his shorts to reveal his black jockstrap. Andrew must have a jockstrap fetish too. He starts licking and sucking the pouch. His hands rub and squeeze the growing cock inside. He eventually frees it and starts working it with his mouth. The twinky jock leans against the desk in his sweaty jockstrap and red knee socks as his scruffy, blond friend blows him.

Kody wants to show Andrew that he’s just as good as playing with his balls, so gets him on the desk. He kisses Andrew’s neck, his chest, down his abs, until meeting Andrew’s big cock and deep throats it. Kody does an amazing job, he must be practicing because Andrew moans so loud I’m surprised the principal doesn’t come in. 

Andrew gets Kody back up onto the desk, with one leg raised and sends his tongue in between Kody’s goal posts. He spits on that tight hole and gets it nice and wet. Once the rimming has sufficiently lube and loosened Kody up, Andrew puts on his protection and aims for the goal. It’s time for the balls to get on the field. 

Andrew Blue mounts Kody Valentine and starts to fuck him. The two jockstrapped athletes go at it bent over the desk in the detention hall. Fuck any other students or teachers walking in. Jocks are full of testosterone and need to get out their aggression. Andrew slams his dick in and out of Kody, making the boy scream in ecstasy. He’s the team bottom and likes it harder and faster. 

Kody is flipped onto his back, laying on the desk with his legs spread wide. His jock is off, but his red knee socks are on. Andrew is a true jock who keeps his athletic supporter on with his blue knee socks and stuffs his cock deep into Kody’s boy-hole. He keeps it nice and tight for all the boys on the team. He loves those thick jock cocks reaming him out. 

Kody straddles Andrew on the floor and goes for a ride on his hot tool. The young jock loves impaling himself on his teammates fuck stick. The feeling of it sliding against his prostate is too much to take. As he grinds his ass down into Andrew, he jerks out his own sticky mess. 

Andrew pulls out and jerks off over Kody’s smooth body. His jizz shoots out and mixes with Kody’s. They share a kiss before returning to their detention on Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks. Try a 3 day membership for only $1.95 or 7 days for only $4.95. They don’t update anymore, but you can download a bunch of their hot jockstrap fuck films and save them for later.
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