Speedo Boys Fuck By The Pool

August 31, 2012
If the Olympics made you as horny for hot boys in speedos as they have me, then you’re in luck! The boys of High Octane have this incredibly hot scene for you to enjoy. Julian Vincenzo and Rod Stevens have been swimming plenty of laps, now it’s time to relax and have some fun. Julian takes a breather and sits on the ledge of the pool. Rod swims up to him and starts rubbing him. No words need to be spoken, they’ve done it before, and they’ll do this again. It’s part of the swimmer’s training program. A hot, poolside fuck with swimmer’s in Speedos.

Rod pulls Julian’s Speedo down, and is greeted by the beautiful cock bouncing in his face. The gorgeous swimmer, still with goggle’s on his, start’s stroking the cock and sucks on the head. Julian leans back and encourages his friend along. Rod knows how to work a pole. You would think he was a diver the way he gets on it. They get out of the water, and the Speedo’s come off, so that they can swap positions. 

The blow job was nice, but these Speedo boys need more. Julian gets his swimmer bitch on all fours and then begins springboarding into Rod’s tight, muscular ass. The two muscle hunks engage in a sweaty fuck on the tiles beside the pool. Alone in the aquatic center, their moans echo through the place as they grunt and screw. After their doggy paddle, Julian flips Rod on to his side with one leg in the air and slides in. They share a passionate kiss as Julian delves is hard cock deeper into Rod, adding to the pleasure.

Julian Vincenzo lays on his back so that Rod Stevens can get and do the buttstroke.  Rod goes freestyle on his dick and strokes out his ball juices. Julian drowns Rod in his own semen next. The passions are fueled on High Octane for these muscled swimmer fuck buds. 

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