Straight Boy Barebacked in his Jockstrap

August 29, 2012
Travis Cooper is a young, straight boy barebacking his way into the porn biz. In order to hit the big leagues, he knows he has to get with the program and start taking some cock up the butt. So, SD Boy got him bend over and take his first dick. Thankfully, this blond, scruffy boy was smart enough to do that in a jockstrap. For that, we thank you. 

Laying almost-naked in bed together, Travis begins kissing his partner’s chest and up to his lips. Nu is the formerly straight guy who was the only guy Travis trusted to fuck him raw. Nu is now bisexual, and the two had previously done a scene together. Nu helps his buddy relax but giving him a hot blow job. His mouth and hands wrapped around Travis’s tool and working it together. Travis straddle Nu so he can slide his breeder meat further in.

Look at the sweet, straight boy ass framed by the jockstrap, ready to be entered into for the first time. Nu slides his raw cock into that tight hole, making both boys moan. It’s a new sensation for the breeder, but he bares with it. Relaxing his hole, the cock eventually slides into place between the straps of the jock as Nu’s balls start slapping against Travis’s ass. Pretty soon, Travis has a big smile on his face and enjoys the bare fucking. 

After pounding Travis’s boy pussy doggy style, he gets the cutie on his back. There, he continues rocking in and out of Travis – more gently at first, like they’re making love. Travis smiles, continuing to enjoy the deflowering of his mussy. Now he knows how all the girls he’s fucked have felt – that deep connection as you let someone inside you and they make you feel good.

Nu starts to quicken his pace when he knows his lover can take it.  The jockstrapped boy certainly can take it and wants it. The cock sliding in and out of his hole is feels so good, and being fucked in  his jockstrap is even hotter. He wants that cock. He needs that cock. Nu is glad to give it to him, but can’t hold back anymore. 

Nu pulls out and blows his spunk onto Travis. His nut splashes onto the boys belly, balls, and jock. That’s a good way to end your first ass ramming – get your jockstrap stained in the other boys cum and you’ll always have that memory. You’ll have the scent of him forever implanted and you’ll never wash it, but you’ll continue getting fucked in that special jockstrap. Travis also gets to fuck his first dude ass too, and you can check it out if you want on SD Boy.

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