Paddy O’Brian Tied Up In His Jockstrap

August 24, 2012
The gorgeous UK straight boy, Paddy O’Brian, is an international sensation who started with just solo scenes. He gradually increased to get blow jobs, then finally started fucking guys and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. He’s even crossing over into the world of kink. He wore some leather and rubber for a scene on UK Naked Men, now he’s tied up in a jockstrap on Bound Jocks, and I couldn’t be happier.

Paddy has smoldering good looks, bedroom eyes, and a body to lust after. His ass rocks in that Pigskin boxer brief jockstrap. He gets on all fours and exposes his hairy hole for us, and the ass-less undies frame his gorgeous glutes. 

The bound jock finds himself completely naked as he continues his struggle against the ropes. He manages to free his hands. He takes the opportunity to wrap them around his thick, hard cock. Paddy O’Brian starts stroking his shaft. 

Being tied up was quite the turn on for Paddy, so he needs to jerk off. He beats off his straight cock until he pumps out a hot, sticky load all over himself. It’s always hot to see a perfect specimen of man like Paddy O’Brian tied up in a jockstrap on Bound Jocks

See more of Paddy O’Brian’s stuff on English Lads, Men At Play, and his latest film from Falcon Studios – Summer Lust.

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