Antonio Manero the Italian Stallion Jockstrap Lover

August 23, 2012
Antonio Manero was recently discovered by Jake Jaxson of Cocky Boys. He’s an Italian twink boy with a serious underwear and jockstrap fetish. He brought all of his sexiest pairs with him for the video and has some stories to tell. He’s a total bottom boy that loves getting fucked in a jockstrap. He loves getting fucked period, but if a pair of underwear has any sort of hole or slit in the back, you can bet he’ll be wearing them as a hot cock slides in and out of his boy-hole. 

The green pair he’s wearing here have easy access to slide your cock out to wear if you’re topping, but we know he’s never utilized that feature except to demonstrate it. I can totally seem him on his knees, cock tucked away, with some guy pulling the back of his waist band and slamming deep inside of him. And buy someone, I mean me. I can see myself doing that. Then with my free hand I’d smack his ass. 

Then I’d pull his torso up onto just his knees. My chest pressed against his back, and my hand covering his mouth. I’d whisper in his ear what a dirty little cock whore he was – my little whore. Then nibble on his lobe. Yeah, take it, bitch! My little jockstrap whore. I’d push him face down into the bed again, my hand on the back of his neck as I pounded that jockstrap-framed bubble butt. Afterwards, I’d flip him on his back, where I could pull his cock out from the jock and stroke it as my cock slid deep into his ass and hit his prostate.

His cock, already leaking precum, would explode in an orgasmic storm and his own cum would rain down upon him. My own storm a-brewin’ would kick into a category 5 and drench him in my own load. He, being a little cum whore, would happily lick it all up and clean my cock. See more of this Italian Stallion jerking off and in a flip fuck on Cocky Boys.

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