Wrestling Jocks Play in Singlets

August 22, 2012
Rick McCoy is back at Next Door Buddies to wrestle his buddy Tyler Torro. Both straight hunks put on their tight, spandex/Lycra singlets and hit the mat. Ginger boy McCoy is in the blue and tattooed Tyler in the red. Their hard muscles flex and pop as they struggle to take the other down. 

Rick McCoy goes to Tyler Torro for some wrestling tips and practice. Tyler helps the young red-head with his moves, but things start to get sexual – as they always do in these situations. Their bodies touch and rub together causing the sexual tension to mount. Their hands slide over cocks and ass cracks. Wrestling becomes the last thing on their minds, and Rick is soon practicing his other skill sets. With Tyler on top of him, their cocks pressed into each other, and their lips only inches apart it’s time for the real fun. Rick starts groping Tyler’s rock solid body and cock. The straight stud doesn’t complain, so Rick lowers the singlet until he’s greeted with a throbbing hard cock to wrap his lips around.

Rick works Tyler tool, bringing oral pleasure to the buff jock. Rick takes it down to the base while down on his knees. Tyler lays on the mat so Rick can worship the cock some more. Rick’s mouth is very talented, but Tyler is ready for some ass. He frees Rick from his spandex suit and gets a view of that pasty white ass. He gives it a smack and can’t wait to stick his dick in that hole.

It’s time for Rick to practice his bottoming skills. Face down, ass up, that’s how Tyler likes to fuck. His long cock sticks straight out and pokes at Rick’s rear entrance. He guides it in, forcing Rick to take it. He needs Tyler to take it slow. I’m guessing by the ring on his ringer, the straight ginger hasn’t taken a dick in a while. It’s okay, Tyler is determined to get in there and going to make Rick feel really good.

The two studs passionately fuck as they roll around on the mat. Rick McCoy is soon being pounded with his face pressed into the floor by Tyler. He struggles and grimaces at first as he gets used to such a big cock forcing it’s way in. Once it does, the pain turns to pleasure and Rick can’t get enough dick pounding him in multiple different positions. Tyler scoops him in his arms and kisses the young stud until the both blast a load of hot cream on Rick’s smooth body. See more on Next Door Buddies.

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