In the Dungeon with Troy Daniels and Spencer Reed

August 20, 2012
Spencer Reed sits in his leather jockstrap and harness. He lights up his cigarette and takes a puff. He’s relaxing after just having busted Randall O’Reilly’s hole. But there’s no rest for a Hole Buster in the Club Inferno Dungeon. One of my new favorite porn hotties, Troy Daniels, makes his presence known and isn’t going to let Spencer rest. He has a hungry hole and Master Spencer is going to fill it. Spencer puts his cigarette out on Troy’s boot, and orders him to his knees.

Troy is on his knees and his leather jockstrap wrapped around his hole looks very appealing to the bearded muscle hunk Spencer Reed. He’s going to enjoy using and abusing Troy’s hole. Once he’s perched upon the chair, Spencer starts to get to work. He lubes up the boy stud’s ass and works a long dildo in and out. Spencer pulls the toy all the way out, then pushes it back in, sending waves of pleasure thru Troy Daniels’ body. Spencer loves the power and control he has over the boy, and can’t help but lick the smooth ass.

The leather jock straps look too good for Spencer Reed to resist, so he slides his cock deep into that sweet hole. Spencer’s cock drives into Troy, making him moan and beg for more. Spencer grabs hold of the back of Troy’s harness to he can deliver some hard, powerful thrusts into his bottoms bum. Spencer really wants to tear Troy’s ass apart, so he makes Troy choose which huge toy he’ll be taking. 

Spencer forces the gigantic dildo into Troy, making him scream and wince in pain. He’s a power bottom, though, and can take the abuse. His hole opens and Spencer has his fun. He pulls it all the way out, and slams it all the way back in. He slaps Troy’s ass as the lube oozes out of his hole and drips down his crack. His cries only intensify as the sadistic Spencer does whatever he wants. The sub bitch just has to take it. There’s no escape for him. 

Spencer concludes by duct taping Troy to the chair with his legs spread wide and the dildo deep in his ass. He makes Troy beg for his load, which he does. Troy’s subservience is rewards with a shower of cum. He thanks his Master for the gift of his man batter. He’s left in that position to let the cum cake onto his body and the toy to keep him loose. Spencer Reed leaves Troy Daniels alone and bound at the Club Inferno Dungeon. Maybe someone else will enjoy the stud. 

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