Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans Wrestle in Jockstraps

August 15, 2012
Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans run into each other in the locker room, and like best frenemies they start hurling insults at each other. Ryan, the bigger, muscular one brags about beating Chris the last time they wrestled, and makes fun of Chris for sucking dick. Well, them’s fightin’ words, and the rematch is on at Str8 To Gay.

Midway through the squabble, Chris is being squashed by Ryan and starts to pull his shorts off – naturally. Ryan wonders what he’s doing and puts up a poor fight. He knows the only way to get back at Chris is to pull his shorts off too! Straight guys! He climbs back on top of Chris and pins him. He thinks Chris is liking it. I know I am! So Ryan starts grinding Chris and their jockstrap covered cocks start rubbing into each other. Chris wants him to get off. Ryan, being more brawn than brains, decides to do exactly that.

Ryan Evans straddles Chris’s face. Chris can’t deny it as much as he tries. That jock pouch starring him in the face is too much for him to resist. Ryan wants him to suck that cock. Chris dives into the jockstrap and starts kissing Ryan’s dick through it before pulling the dick out from the side and sucking it down. The formerly straight guy pulls Chris’s boner out and starts to play with it too. Before Chris will let Ryan fuck him, he demands a blow job too, and the guys end up in a sexy sixty-nine. 

Chris Tyler lowers his jockstrapped ass onto Ryan’s rod, and rides it. The cock looks so hot going into Chris’s hole with the straps of the jock on each side. Ryan has his on too, but he takes it off when they switch to doggy position. Love how he wraps his arm in the waistband as he slams that hot hole. 

After getting Chris to lay on a punching back, Ryan Evans fucks Chris Tyler on his back. Ryan pulls out and blasts his load over Chris. Chris jerks himself and adds his thick fluid to the mix. The boys have now become friends and hope to do this again, but they can’t let anyone find out. No one can know that Ryan Evans has gone from Str8 to Gay on

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