Red Jock v. Blue Jock

August 12, 2012
It’s red jock v. blue jock in this hot scene from Bentley Race and neither one comes off! For ginger Nick Savage’s first porn shoot, he paired up with his buddy Ryan Anderson. The two boys immediately start having some fun. They strip down to their jockstraps and get to making out. 


The two boys play around and tug at each others jockstraps. The ginger in the red jock has some fun with this shoot. They lay on top of each other as their jocks grind together and their soccer sucks rub against each other. They start to get passionate with some more making out and the dicks pop out of those pouches.

Ryan Anderson kisses his way down Nick Savage’s body until he arrives at his destination. He takes Nick’s pole into his mouth and runs his lips and tongue over it. These sporty studs are having a good time. Nick loves Ryan’s mouth working him over. He starts to play with Ryan’s nipples and begins to take charge. Nick straddles his partners face and feeds him his fire crotch. 

Nick rolls his buddy onto his stomach so he can get a nice view of that ass outlined by the blue straps of his jock. Nick’s cock leaks with excitement from the view. He rubs his tool between those cheeks before he makes his entrance. With Ryan’s torso on the bed and his feet on the ground, Nick lifts one leg to the bed and thrusts his cock deep inside. 

As he is pounding away, he pushes Ryan’s face further into the bed with his foot. It keeps him still and lets him know who’s the boss. Ryan’s moans tell us how much he likes it. He loves to be used and abused like the pig bottom he most likely is. Ginger jock boy flips his bitch onto his back and drill that ass deeper. The beautiful hole winking at him through the jockstrap. 

Nick knows just how to give it to him for a hot jockstrap fucking. Ryan begs for more, and Nick is only too happy to provide it. His cock riding along the edge of Ryan’s prostate causes him to nut all over himself. Nick finishes by adding his baby batter to the mix to end this hot sex in jockstraps scene from Bentley Race.

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