New Jockstrap by Jack Adams – Ranger X

August 12, 2012
Hot, beefy muscle daddy, Chris shows us his stuff in this new jockstrap from Jack Adams called Ranger X. Kind of makes him sound like a superhero. With that hard body, Chris can surely fill out some tights as nicely as he can fill out this jockstrap. 

His furry ass is hugged nicely by the jock. It also helps that he’s got a nice butt. Those straps reach around to the front of the jock and over the top of the pouch to make an X – giving this unique jockstrap its name. The pouch is a soft and comfortable knit pouch with vertical ribbing and a horizontal fly – making it a hell of a lot easier to keep your jock on while you’re pounding another guys hole or getting your cock sucked. What a fucking genius idea! 

The jockstrap is all black, but you can that horizontal piping of the fly in black, red, or white. I’d love it in blue or green – why can’t they be more creative with their colors? Maybe if enough people buy one or write to them, they’ll consider it. I still think it looks pretty cool. It’s good to have variety in your jocks, don’t you think?

These Ranger X jocks are available at Jockstrap Central for $23 USD. Let me know what color you get yours in and submit a pic for Jockstrap Friday

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