Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder Get Down in Jockstraps

August 11, 2012
It starts with a kiss. Two lips pressing against each other, and a spark is ignited. One kiss leads to two, and soon, Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder are making out in their jockstraps in this scene from Hot House’s latest film Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck – straight and to the point. Troy Daniels is one gorgeous hunk. I would be kissing him in my jockstrap all day. Let’s not forget that they are also wearing over-the-calf socks with the three ring stripes around the top, and we have a hot outfit made for fucking!

Troy loves the feeling of Tate’s full, fat lips and tongue sliding into his mouth. That sexy mouth works it’s way around Troy’s body – over his nipples and amazing abs.  Then more kissing. Tate can’t get enough of Troy’s mouth, and he wants that mouth on his dick! Troy tugs down the jock and Tate’s tool springs out. Troy devours it down and lubes it up with his spit. The shaft disappears and reappears into the tattooed hunk. 

Tate wants to taste more of Troy’s body and kisses his way between those jockstrapped cheeks. Troy orders him to kiss that hole. Tate is only too happy to follow those instructions. He makes out with Troy’s pucker-hole, slowly and erotically. After getting it all wet, Tate works one finger in – getting Troy’s ass loosened up. Tate then adds a second one to the finger-bang. 

Fingers were meant to be replaced by dicks, and soon Troy’s jockstrapped ass is getting stuffed with a big cock. Tate really pounds that sweet ass of Troy Daniels. It’s always such a hot site to see a dick sliding in and out of guys ass while it’s framed by a jockstrap, isn’t it? 

Once Tate Ryder is done tearing up that hole, it’s Troy’s turn. He flips Tate onto his back, legs spread wide, and Troy pushes his cock in. The tattooed hunk slams Tate hard, as he begs for it. The Hot House boys fuck away and the room is filled with their moans, until Troy is ready to blow. He pulls out, tears off the condom, and shoots out a huge load on Tate’s smooth, tanned thigh.

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