Baseball Jocks in the Locker Room

August 6, 2012
Here’s a little vintage porn scene recently showcased on Sex Gaymes. Two hot baseball players are benched and sent to the locker room for the rest of the game. I’m not sure what position the play on the field, but in here they practice their pitching and catching. One of the jocks goes down on the other. He starts licking the guy’s cock over the jockstrap. He’s not wearing a cup, that may be why he was benched. Full-on cock sucking soon is underway.

A little blow job between bored athletes is never enough. Asses gotta be filled, but first they must be licked. The one with the backwards cap dives into his teammates home plate tongue first. He loves the taste of it, and digs his tongue in deep. 

Afterwards, he steps up to the mound to deliver his best pitch. His fast ball goes right past the batter and the ball gets caught over and over by the star catcher. It’s the most exciting baseball game I’ve ever seen. Check it out on where a membership will get you bonus access to Hard Friction, High Octane, and Raging Stallion Studios all for one price.

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