Tony’s Dick Can’t Stay in a Jock

July 30, 2012
Tony De Luca isn’t playing any sports in this scene from Bentley Race, but he sure is swinging around a huge bat! That weapon of ass destruction can’t be contained by that diesel jockstrap of his. He pulls the pouch to the side and look at out! Watch him wave it around, jerk it, and then Bentley suck it.

Once he pulls that pouch aside and that lethal weapon falls out, it can’t go back in. His ass is beautifully framed by the straps. It’s thick and veiny – bigger at the head. It looks unreal. That cock hangs halfway to his knees. You can tell it’s got a hefty weight as it swings around. His biceps must get a real workout when he picks it up to stroke it. 

See more of Tony De Luca’s huge, fat dick on Bentley Race.

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