Jimmy Clay Fucked In His Jock and Socks

July 29, 2012
Here’s some hot jockstrap sex for you courtesy of Next Door Buddies. Bradley Hudson and Jimmy Clay  meet in the locker room all geared up. You know sports are always making guys horny, and locker rooms are full of that sweaty man odor and testosterone; so that only increases the pheromones. Seeing another guy in his Adidas soccer socks and his jockstrap peaking above his nylon shorts gets the blood flowing even more. 

Since there game was cancelled due to a lightning storm, Jimmy is furious about not being able to get his workout in. Bradley is the more level-headed one. He thinks they can work something out. Jimmy catches his drift and starts rubbing himself. He thinks so too. With that agreed upon, Bradley lowers down to his knees to free Jimmy’s thick cock from his cock. He slides his tongue all over the shaft and swallows it down. Jimmy enjoys all the attention to his cock, but soon the positions are reversed. Jimmy lets Bradley know how adept he is at worshiping jock cock

Jimmy has a talented mouth that Bradley enjoys fucking, but there’s another hole that catches his attention. With Jimmy on the bench on all fours, his jock-strapped ass exposes his pucker hole. Bradley starts to loosen it up by sliding his fingers deep inside. Fingers turn into his fuck-stick and the two are having full on sex with Jimmy keeping his jockstrap on! It’s like these studios are finally catching on that this shit is hot and to do more of it. 

Jimmy rides and grinds on top for a bit before Bradley flips him, pounding him doggy style. Bradley grabs the jock’s waistband and slams in deeper. Jimmy then gets on his back and Bradley takes him that way. He ends up half on the floor with Bradley pumping his cock to help him explode as his big dick rocks Jimmy’s love chute. Jimmy gets showered in jizz, and that’s how you get a good workout in!

Check out Next Door Buddies to watch Jimmy Clay get fucked in his jockstrap and soccer socks by Bradley Hudson. You don’t want to miss this. 

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One thought on “Jimmy Clay Fucked In His Jock and Socks”

  • Wow! These pics are excellent. I absoloutley love seeing pics of men in socks. These are the best. As soon as I saw these my heart started to beat faster and I immediately got a hard on. I wanted to work my manhood until I c****d.
    Well done, whoever took these. 🙂

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