Kyle King and Aaron Blake on Cocksure Men

July 24, 2012
Kyle King and Aaron Black hooked up a while back on Cocksure Men. They start out with some hot and passionate kissing that shows how into each other they are. Kyle is a take charge kind of guy, and orders Aaron to lick his pits. Aaron kisses down Kyle’s chest and unbuttons Kyle’s jeans to pull that big cock out of the jockstrap he’s wearing. Aaron takes that thick tool as far down his throat as he can, getting it nice and wet with his spit. 

Kyle has Aaron from behind and kisses him deep, and at one point I suspect he’s trying to suck his face off. Body kisses and contact leads to Kyle’s tongue buried inside Aaron’s ass. He’s soon filling it with his long, girthy cock and giving Aaron one hell of a fucking. Kyle is a damn good top and boy do I wish I was Aaron! Kyle just knows what he’s doing, and he wears the jock for a good portion of the time. 

I’m sure you know what happens in the end – they all live happily ever after…until the orgasm wears off. Kyle busts his nut and licks it off, sharing it with Aaron in another kiss. When Aaron blows, they repeat it. Check out this hot scene on Cocksure Men.

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