Brian Bonds Fucks Lucas Knight Wearing His Jock

July 18, 2012
The sexy and sporty Brian Bonds, decked out in his Nasty Pig jock and socks, gets to play with a roped up Lucas Knight on Bound Jocks. He just finishes tying Lucas to the workout bench as the scene opens. Lucas’s legs bound, spread wide, and lifted in the air. Brian straddles him and starts sucking his dick. Brian also starts running his fingers around that hot boy-hole and spitting on it. It’s gotta be loosened up before Brian plunges his mighty cock into it.  

Speaking of his cock, it pops out of his jock. Thankfully, Lucas’s lips are right there eager to be placed around it. Brian deems the bound boy’s ass ready and begins to ease his tool into that tushy while still wearing his jock. He goes slow at first, working his way deeper and further into the tight hole. Once he gains entry he starts to pick up the pace and get into a rhythm. Lucas is loving it. He wants to get off with Brian’s boner in his butt. To his surprise, Brian pulls out and sprays his load over Lucas and rubs it in with his cock. He gives Lucas a kiss and leaves him tied up and unfulfilled. Maybe another guy will come by and help him out. I wouldn’t be too pissed if Brian came all over me either.

~Click here for the trailer or to watch the whole scene on Bound Jocks~

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