Soccer Player Stripped and Violated by Coaches

June 28, 2012

Soccer Stud Stripped and Stroked on Clothed Male, Nude Male

This soccer stud is called into the locker room and stripped down to just his red socks, yum! The premise is that not only is he stripped in front of the managers, but there are reporters in the locker room as well. They catch it all on tape as the soccer stud is fondled, fingered, and fucking humiliated. 

They force him to crawl around on the floor butt naked, then sniff his trainer’s cock. While his face is buried in crotch, the other two play with his. Once the boy is leaking precum, they make him taste it. Eventually, they jerk the guy off until he blows a big load for them, then he’s allowed to play on Clothed Male, Nude Male.

See the soccer stud get violated and other sports studs humiliated on Clothed Male, Nude Male.

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