Hot College Boys Fuck in Jocks at the Gym

June 28, 2012

Steve Fucks Sloan’s Jock-Strapped Ass on Corbin Fisher

The gym is a sexy place to be – all those buff dudes working and flexing their hot muscles, all that testosterone filling the air and driving boys wild! It’s no wonder many sexual encounters take place there – in real life and reel life. Luckily for Steve and Sloan of Corbin Fisher, they find themselves in an extremely empty gym. When Steve looks over and sees Sloan’s hot ass just pointing at him, he can’t help but go over and slide them down. Thankfully, for us, Sloan wears a jockstrap to work out in. 

Steve likes what he sees and the two boys start making out. They are some hot, athletic studs. Steve stuffs his face between Sloan’s jocked cheeks and starts rimming his hole, getting it nice and wet. He slides a finger in and drives Sloan wild. Sloan drops to his knees to take service Steve’s sweet sausage. Steve whacks him in the face with it and asks if Sloan likes when he fucks his face. I know I do, but Sloan’s mouth is too busy to answer. Steve bends the jocked boy over the bench and starts filling that jockstrap-framed ass with cock. Sloan watches himself get fucked in the mirror before Steve gets him on his back to pump the cum dump some more on a different bench. See how much fun fucking at the gym can be? Steve pounds him good and hard until he blasts his jizz all over his chest. Steve keeps using that ass until he’s ready to cum, then sprays it on top of Sloan’s. 

See college boy Sloan get fucked in his jockstrap by Steve on Corbin Fisher.

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