Will Swagger Tied Up and Used

June 3, 2012
The evil locker room bandit has struck again, and this time Will Swagger is left tied up in his hot new Cellblock 13 Grappler jockstrap. This crazy man is always tying up helpless jocks and leaving them until they are found and fucked by a horny stud. Maybe he thinks he’s some sort of bondage cupid, pairing together boys for a hot time. In this case, Will is found by Sebastian Keys. Sebastian is wearing his boxing gear and can’t help but start punching his new victim’s chest and abs. Sebastian is also wearing orange knee socks and new type of jockstrap – boxer briefs with the ass cute out. He lowers them down and shoves his cock into Will’s waiting mouth. Will has no choice but to let Sebastian have his way, or he’ll never be unleashed from his bondage on Bound Jocks – 2012 Grabbys Award Winner for Best Fetish Site.

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