Spencer Fox Captures Kevin Case – Bound Jocks

May 11, 2012
Spencer Fox has young Kevin Case all tied up with no place to go on Bound Jocks. He can’t escape the roving hands of Spencer who feels up that smooth, skinny boy body. Spencer is a strong, sexy athletic guy who is training for the MMA, so he can do whatever he wants and keep a boy down with those bulging biceps. And what he wants is Kevin’s cock! Kevin is in no position to deny Spencer who pull the jock aside and slides his warm mouth down the hardening shaft. 

Spencer slides a finger into the boys hole before he forces his own cock into the boys mouth. Kevin takes the head in his mouth, kissing the tip, then Spencer slides the cock further in. Kevin’s saliva coats Spencer’s stick. He’s still hungry for cock, so they move into a sixty-nine before Spencer erupts his passion juice all over his young victim.

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