Jockstrap Friday #1

April 17, 2012
Last Friday, April 13th, boys from across the globe participated in Jockstrap Friday. Did you? Well, you should’ve! Jockstrap Friday is the day for all the jockstrap lovers to join together and put on that sexy jock and wear it to work or to play! It can be your dirty secret underneath that business suit or you can lift that back waistband up high and wear it proud. Just know that you and all your fellow athletic supporter supporters are doing it. So if love jocks and you didn’t do it last week, join in this Friday, and every Friday! If you’re brave enough, send tweet or email me a photo and I’ll post it on the blog. You can either go full rear shot, like the guy below, or like I did just show a little. 
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@andcoopfan on twitter loves #JockstrapFriday so much he had to wear two!

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Kasey just loves showing off his jock!
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Me – The Dirty Jock – @dirtyjockstraps on twitter
Will you join us this Friday for Jockstrap Friday? Leave a comment. Tweet me a pic and spread the word to all your twitter buddies too! You may just end up on this blog next time! And if you need something sexy for it, visit Jockstrap Central. Jockstrap Fans unite!
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