Anthony Romero and Cody Cummings In Jocks

April 13, 2012

Young and sexy Anthony Romero meets straight stud Cody Cummings in a dark alley. Cody is horny and rubbing himself when Anthony starts to cruise him. Slowly and erotically, they start to reveal more and more of their bodies as they tease each other. Cody unbuttons his pants and starts running his hand over his jocked crotch. Anthony is wearing a jock too, and their asses both looking amazing! They move closer to each other. Their mouths water to kiss each others lips, and they finally do. Anthony falls to his knees to worship Cody’s cock. He moves the jockstrap aside and slides his mouth over the sweet shaft. They have a hot time in their jockstraps kissing, rubbing, and grinding on each other until they unleash their massive loads in this hot exclusive scene on Cody Cummings site.

Watch Anthony Romero and Cody Cummings play in their jocks on his site.

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