Football Coach Forces Player To Submit

April 8, 2012

This scene doesn’t actually involve sex in jockstraps, but it’s still a very hot one from Bound Gods, nonetheless. It does involve a football player, Blake Goodwin, being dominated and forced by his coach, Dirk Caber. After a one-on-one training session, Blake and Dirk are in the locker room. Blake takes off his football gear and goes to shower. Pervy Coach Dirk watches and lusts after the young stud. When Blake finishes and goes back to his locker to change, Dirk grabs him from behind and covers his mouth. Next thing you know, Blake is tied down to the horny coach’s desk and his mouth has a spider gag in it. Coach Dirk introduces his boy to some electro play and puts a plus up his ass to shock him. He also makes the boy taste his sweet pre-cum. 

The hot, buff coach then moves the helpless quarterback back into the locker room where he is suspended from the ceiling with his mouth and eyes duct taped shut. The jock is flogged hard and forced to suck down his coach’s fat cock. He’s not allowed to get hard because he has a chastity device strapping his cock down. 

Once the flogging and sucking are over, they move into the shower where young football player is tied up again. This time Coach Dirk forces his thick tool into Blake’s behind. Blake is gagged and roped down tight. His light moans tell the coach how much he’s actually enjoying the abuse. Dirk fists him before fucking out Blake’s load. Then Dirk sprays his own load over the boy and gives him a deep, wet kiss.

Check out this scene at Bound Gods. And let me know if you like this kind of stuff and I’ll post more of it. No jockstraps in it, but he is a football player and it happens in the locker room. And it’s a very hot scene! If you don’t want to leave a comment, at least check the “Hot” or “Not” buttons underneath and help me know what you guys like. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my posts in the sidebar, and never miss and update. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Football Coach Forces Player To Submit”

  • I love Bound Gods. It must be the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing. What athlete – at least, young gay one — hasn't, at one time or another, fallen head over heels for one of his male coaches?

  • Its true. I wanted to fuck or be fucked by my high school wrestling coach so bad. Riding his dick and being controlled while my dick was swinging loose. Fuck ya

  • That sounds really great! When I was a teenager, I got to know someone who became my best friend. We went to the same school together. It's known as a Secondary School over here in the UK. He was one year below me, but that didn't matter. We got to know each other quite well. Had lunch together most days and so on. One day I was walking past the changing rooms, and he came out only wearing shorts and white socks. I suddenly thought, "gosh, he looks good." From then on, I had quite a crush on him. Never said anything though. Sadly, he's since moved house, and I don't see him anymore.

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