Spencer Reed and Tony Vega on Bound Jocks

March 2, 2012
Tony Vega is tied up by Spencer Reed on Bound Jocks.

Tony Vega is tied down face first on an inclined weight bench in his jockstrap with his ass sticking in the air. He yells and cusses to be let go. He wants to know why Spencer Reed is doing this to him. Tired of hearing Tony whine and bitch, Spencer puts a ball gag in his mouth to muffle his cries. Tony’s pleas to be be let go have gone unanswered. Spencer is wearing some boxing attire and starts punching Tony’s exposed ass before running his tongue all over it

Once he’s done working over Tony’s bubble butt, Spencer needs his long, thick cock attended to. The muscle stud takes the ball out of his captive’s mouth and gags him with something else. Tony isn’t complaining anymore. He happily swallows down Spencer’s hot rod

After Spencer’s dick is sufficiently serviced, he lets Tony up and helps him pump out a white-hot load all over himself. Check out this hot action on Bound Jocks. Get 20% off with promo code DIRTYJOCK.

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