Rugby Brothers Stripped and Forced To Play With Each Other

February 29, 2012
These rugby playing brothers are forced to strip down and play with each other if they’re going to be on the team on Clothed Male, Nude Male.

Douglas really wants to get onto the rugby team and his brother wants him to as well. His brother introduced him to the managers in hopes of getting him on the team. He’s really impressed them, but he’s intimidated by the way they just grope him. If he wants to get on the team, though, there’s one more thing he’ll need to provide – a sperm sample. They strip Douglas down sit him between them. They continue with the groping as Douglas’s brother is told to strip to his jockstrap and get on all fours. The team managers kiss Douglas and start to wank him off as his brother’s ass is staring them in the face. Douglas ends up shooting his load all over his brother’s jockstrap framed ass, which he must lick off. You do what you gotta do to get on the team over at Clothed Male, Nude Male

Check out Douglas and his brother being forced to strip down and lick cum off of the other’s ass just to get onto the Rugby team at Clothed Male, Nude Male

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