Dylan Roberts Has His Way with Bound Jock Sebastian Keys

February 21, 2012
Dylan Roberts fucks his tied up bitch, Sebastian Keys, on Bound Jocks.

With his hand and legs tied to a bar and gagged in his yellow jockstrap, Sebastian’s ass is perfectly exposed and vulnerable. He struggles against his restraints, but he has no where to go. Dylan Roberts comes in pitching a tent in his Nasty Pig Jockstrap and promptly takes advantage of his captive. He starts out with a little spanking and playing with the jocks ass. He removes the gag and pulls his pouch to side to release the beast that was caged in there. He forces Sebastian to swallow his fat cock. 

Sebastian is forced to work over Dylan’s dick with his mouth and provide him extreme pleasure. He has no choice. He is only too happy to oblige. He’s even happier when Dylan moves from his mouth to another hole. Once his cock is sufficiently serviced by Sebastian’s warm mouth, he slides it deep into that jockstrap framed ass for a hot jock fucking! Dylan rolls Sebastian back so his ass is pointing straight up for Dylan to plow into him.

Once Dylan has worked over his captive’s ass, he pulls out and showers him with some fresh man cream. Just another hot jock fuck at Bound Jocks. Don’t forget, you can save on a membership with promo code DIRTYJOCK. There’s only a limited amount of codes available though, so don’t miss out! 

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